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Providing financing across all classes of real estate investment properties.

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From raw land to site servicing we provide funds at any stage in the development timeline.

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Construction financing for all classes of real estate with draw requests funded quickly.

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For deals that do not fit the narrow appetite of institutional lenders we provide funding with a common sense approach.

Reciprocal Opportunities Incorporated

Reciprocal Opportunities Incorporated (ROI) is a private mortgage lender, investing the funds of its shareholders in mortgages. ROI is a Registered Mortgage Broker (MBA #10058) under the Mortgage Brokers’ Act as licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

ROI is a proactive and service driven organization. If you are a Borrower seeking funds, we realize that your time is valuable. Therefore, we strive to make your transactions as efficient as possible. With our normal 24 hour response time to a Borrower’s request for funding, we dedicate our time to ensuring that you do not waste yours.